Line of Blood

December 21st 2012…the Mayan Prophecy.
They said the world would end.
They said life as we know it will be no more.
They said the Ancient Gods would return.
We all thought it was just another of their theories; another hysteric cry about the apocalypse.
Then nothing happened.
We all went back to our lives, to “real life.”
What if, instead, something has happened?
What if, instead, they were right?
What if, instead, we all…were…simply…wrong?


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On this site you’ll find information about the spectacular vision of author Jack Goodwind.
History, religious tales, myths, and urban legends have been merged together to create a unique world.
Aliens, supernatural beings and human heroes will battle each other restlessly, keeping you breathless for the entire journey.
Fall in love with Brian Mitchell, Professor Richard Hartmayer, USAF Major Joe Evans, or be terrified by Lord Anu, Prince Enlil, the merciless Anunnaki Warriors, and the other characters of this endless world.
Join the good side and fight aside the Angels, or lose your soul and team up with the Fallen Angels.
Although Line of Blood is a Science Fiction / Epic Fantasy book series, and must be considered under all circumstances a work of fantasy, Jack Goodwind’s vision has no boundaries, and the characters, locations, and events in his novels have real or mythological grounds.
Our past holds secrets we have yet to discover, and Line of Blood will move your imagination, and encourage you to start searching for the answers.
Line of Blood Saga is published in Kindle edition.
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