I am Adam the first…Archangel

Excerpt from the book “Ancient Truth

Heracleion…Melbourne sat on the chair at the foot of Brian’s bed, passed his hand over his face, and, trying to analyze the situation with whatever lucidity he still had, handed a note, actually a fax paper, to Brian.

“Here, maybe this will help. I don’t even know if…if I want it to or not actually! It’s the translation of the inscription from the coffin. I sent the pictures to Boston, and Jennifer has already figured it out…”

A cold chill, the same one he got the very first time he saw the Seth building, went down Brian’s spine again. He took the paper, and started to read it out loud. He knew John had already read it, but that way he felt like he wasn’t alone in the moment. He felt like he wasn’t alone in the discovery of who that sarcophagus really belonged to.

I am Adam. The first of my species. The first of all species. I am the Guardian Angel of this being, of all the beings, called humans. I will never rise again and the blood of my blood will be slaves for eternity!

Brian stood up, throwing the paper toward John, as if he did not want to know, not after those words, not anymore…

Discover the Truth…join the fight! Line of Blood

Watch this video from CNN (Published on Jun 5, 2013)

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