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Jack GoodwindJack Goodwind was born on the troubled island of Sicily, a place full of ancient treasures as well as modern contradictions. He has done many things throughout his life including, running the family’s furniture shop in his hometown, traveling around Europe as a sales agent, managing an insurance agency in a small town, and becoming an Internet Marketing specialist.
He is a sailor. He served his country both in the Navy and the Army. He has seen the amazing and the horrible. He sailed several Maxi Cups in Porto Cervo among the wealthiest and most unimaginable luxury, and he saw the horrors and the atrocity of the war first hand.
Everything he has done has made him who he is today, the same person as when he started, and a completely new person that his life has taught him to be.
Now, he has become a writer, because there are too many things he wants to say, too many things he needs to share. His first novel in the Line of Blood Saga, Ancient Truth, despite its obvious references to the worlds of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, is actually a journey inside something impalpable, yet very real; the human soul. We are not “part of the picture,” we are masters, keepers, lords of this universe. Our right is to choose, our responsibility is to do it wisely. This is the ultimate gift the supreme Intelligence gave us, this is why and what we are. The point, his point, is to not pretend to have all the answers, it is simply to have the will to look for them.
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