Line of Blood is a fictional Sci Fi / Epic Fantasy Kindle book series.
Line of Blood is a fictional Sci Fi / Epic Fantasy Kindle book series.

Welcome to the fictional world of Line of Blood by Jack Goodwindprepare yourself for a journey like no other! The never ending battle between good and evil. The will of those who choose the dark side.The strength of the few who never stop fighting them.This is the vision, the basis, behind Line of Blood.

A continuous legacy…a line, stained by blood and evil, saved by a miracle.
Anunnaki, Angels, Humans, and many other species will fight to enslave or to save this Universe.
Some are guided by the Will of the Higher Intelligence, the One, others have fallen into the abyss of hate and evil, and because of that, are willing to rebel against God Himself.

The subject of the series cannot be limited to one single genre, so Sci Fi and Epic Fantasy are blended in order to express the real dimension of this world.
Of course, war, suspense, magic, heroism and love, are common subjects present in Line of Blood Saga.

The author has a deep passion for all things ancient and, most likely, of alien origin.
He merges together myths, legends, biblical tales and documented history, to create a single and unique fictional world.
A place without boundaries or time, a place so obviously imaginary it feels very real.

Everything in the Line of Blood world has been created by, and according to, the fantasy of the author, without any desire to state it is the “truth” or to re-write history, or any religion. Jack Goodwind writes Line of Blood always keeping in mind what he feels the real job of a writer has to be:

The writer’s job is to make people think…not to give answers or to teach anything…” -Jack Goodwind
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