Line of Blood Saga

Line of Blood Saga by Jack Goodwind.This is the core of the Line of Blood world.A saga that will take you through an alternate version of history.A book series born by the fantasy of the author, in which Sci Fi and Epic Fantasy alternate to create a unique vision.It all starts on December 21st, 2012. The day foretold by the Mayan prophesy.An Ancient threat has been released, a group of new heroes has to fight it, but, in order to fight, they all have to choose to do so.

The stories alternate between modern and ancient times. Several alien species, and humanity, are the subjects of fictional sub-stories, all different, but all based on the same grounds.

Free will, the endless battle between good and evil, the paladins of justice fighting against those who have chosen evil and much more…

Enter the Line of Blood world, wonder if, for once, what is supposed to be just fiction is actually…true…make the first step…discover the Ancient Truth!


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