Ancient Truth

Ancient Truth is the first book in the Line of Blood Saga.It is an alternative vision of history based on the theories about an alien colonization of Earth even before the apparition of the Homo Sapiens.

In it, history, myths, religious tales and even urban legends are blended to create a new and original story.

Modern characters alternate with ancient ones, to guide the reader on a unique journey. Aside the original conquerors of Earth, the mythological deities called Anunnaki, other alien species take their place, forging the path of early man.

Together with aliens, various kinds of monsters and mythological beings are also present in the story. The events take place in legendary locations, with a large use of mythological artifacts and books.

Many of the character names are recognizable, important figures of mythology, religion and history.

Of course, they live and behave very differently than their namesakes.

Ancient Truth and the entire Line of Blood Saga are, in the end, works of fantasy, in which, the only “truth” is the introspection on the human soul, the interior struggle man faces, forced between the choice of good and evil.

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