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Ancient Truth: The First King (Line of Blood Saga)

Excerpt from the book “Ancient Truth” (Line of Blood Saga)
Chapter 1: The First King

Egyptian Pyramids aligned with Orion Belt stars
Egyptian Pyramids aligned with Orion Belt stars

500,000 BC
Exosphere, Earth’s Atmosphere
Aboard the Royal Fleet’s Flagship

The sun’s rays had just illuminated that part of the Earth’s atmosphere, and the reflection on the ocean was making the brilliance even shinier; a new day was born on the young planet.
The flagship of the space fleet was already starting the final approaching maneuver. Compared to the other spaceships, the pride of the royal fleet was enormous. In fact, instead of just a few hundred crew members, it carried more than five thousand. The hull was rounded at the bottom and flat on top, with six armed towers, three on each side, and the majestic command bridge was right in the middle of the ship.
From behind, the four powerful jet engines were shining even more than the sun itself.
The bow’s shielding, the part that most likely would have faced the weapon of an enemy’s vessel, was made of a rare metal, endowed with unbelievable characteristics; the Atlanteum.
What was so strange about it, wasn’t just its capability to withstand almost any known weapon, but it was also that, since this metal was an even better conductor than gold, it was actually able to catch and accumulate a variety of kinds of energy. This made the royal flagship, called Atlantis by the common people because of the usage of that metal, able to store energy from the atmosphere’s entrance process, making its range of action virtually unlimited. Moreover, thanks to this shield, Atlantis was able to turn the direct fire of an energy weapon, like a laser, into a power source.

In the hundreds battles which the royal flagship emerged victorious, Atlantis’ principal weapon fired back at any who dared attack with abnormal intensity. The weapon was an energy beam formed by four separate lasers mixing their energy together. The result was something that no shield, nor any kind of barrier, had ever resisted. Throughout the ages this weapon took many names, the “lightning of the king,” or the “thunder of the king,” or just the “wrath of the king,” either way it was the ultimate weapon, able to destroy enemy ships, but also level mountains or wipe out entire cities.
It was never used in a common battle, the king ordered its employment only when the goal wasn’t just to win; its real purpose was to annihilate everything, and everyone, standing in its path.
Among all the Anunnaki, the only one that had the memory of their race’s creation was the king. Anu, the first and only king of the Anunnaki, wasn’t just a tyrant, he was the creator of this species, and for that, he was considered, and he always acted, more like a god.
On the large command bridge, all the new conquerors were gathered for the long awaited moment. Crew members, captains of the legions, warriors, and even the servants were all there, wearing their most beautiful uniforms with all their armor, helmets and shields perfectly polished for the occasion.
All of a sudden, the solid gold armor of the king’s personal guard started to shine incredibly brightly, due to the sunrays that were coming from the immense window of the command bridge.
The ship’s captain walked through the bridge and stopped a few feet in front of the tyrant, he knelt and, slapping his right arm to his breastplate, causing a dull but loud thud, said:
“Lord Anu we are preparing for landing, your highness!”
The king was standing on his podium, with his arms folded and his eyes fixed on the view of the planet. He put his hands on his hips, squinted, his face became darker and more tense, and answered with a grunt:
“Good! It’s about time to take back what is mine!”
A powerful, wild scream pervaded the command bridge. All the warriors were slapping their swords to their breastplates, screaming and extolling their lord and master, in a collective, savage and brutal frenzy.
That day, the planet would know its first dominant race.
That day, Planet Earth would meet its first king.


Among all the other sources, Ancient Aliens theories have been an invaluable source of inspiration for Jack Goodwind’s fictional story. Have a look at this video from History Channel:

I am Adam the first…Archangel

Excerpt from the book “Ancient Truth

Heracleion…Melbourne sat on the chair at the foot of Brian’s bed, passed his hand over his face, and, trying to analyze the situation with whatever lucidity he still had, handed a note, actually a fax paper, to Brian.

“Here, maybe this will help. I don’t even know if…if I want it to or not actually! It’s the translation of the inscription from the coffin. I sent the pictures to Boston, and Jennifer has already figured it out…”

A cold chill, the same one he got the very first time he saw the Seth building, went down Brian’s spine again. He took the paper, and started to read it out loud. He knew John had already read it, but that way he felt like he wasn’t alone in the moment. He felt like he wasn’t alone in the discovery of who that sarcophagus really belonged to.

I am Adam. The first of my species. The first of all species. I am the Guardian Angel of this being, of all the beings, called humans. I will never rise again and the blood of my blood will be slaves for eternity!

Brian stood up, throwing the paper toward John, as if he did not want to know, not after those words, not anymore…

Discover the Truth…join the fight! Line of Blood

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