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Ancient Truth (Line of Blood Saga): The last battle

Excerpt from Ancient Truth (Line of Blood Saga)
waiting for the King 500“…In a moment, as if it came from the deepest of the dark, as if it came from the silence of the night itself, a powerful roar filled the air, like a volcano that after thousands, maybe millions of years of being dormant, blows up in the air with all its unleashed fury instead of breaking gently and starting to bleed its river of lava.

Suddenly, a light flashed from the horizon.
A few moments later, a majestic line of fire was drawn in the sky, like that of a shooting star, like that of a comet. But this time the line was pointing out from the surface to the apex of the sky’s deepest darkness.
Atlantis was taking off, the king was leaving the planet; the final battle for the control of the universe was about to begin.
Even though the amazement was probably the same, each spectator was thinking something different.
General Thoth was admiring the power of his people and, a bit childishly, was wondering about the epic battle, and the certain victory of his king, which he wouldn’t be able to personally witness.
The queen, even though always mistreated by her husband, and insulted every time he looked upon her body with disgust, was saluting her man, trying to replace the fear that something could happen to him with a wish of his safe return.
Prince Enki was admiring his father’s departure, sure as he was that once back he would be king no more, certain that Lord Anu would become the emperor of the universe.
In the disturbed mind of the other prince, Enlil, instead, another terrible and crazy thought was already master:
“Go! Go, father! Without you, nothing will stand between me and your…throne!”


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