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Editors…we cannot live with them…we cannot live without them.

Jen Ryan Editor
Jen Ryan Editor

As a writer, especially a foreign author writing in American English, the fundamental importance of a good editor has always been my priority one.
Luckily, I crossed paths with a professional who quickly became a good friend thanks to her skills, and even more, her human qualities.
Jen Ryan is the editor every writer dreams about. Talented, quick, reasonably cheap (I personally paid her more than she asked!!! And it was totally worth it!!!), and above all, always kind and ready to deal with all sorts of convoluted reasoning no one else on this Earth would even dare to read once!
So, my good friends, do yourselves a huge favor by entrusting your manuscripts to her.
(This post has been written personally by Jack Goodwind)

Here is her bio and her contact information:
Jen Ryan is a professional editor who has been reading and editing most of her life. She has a degree in English Literature, and teaches English composition and writing at a local college. She also owns and runs her own editing company and is partner in a small publishing company. She thoroughly enjoys the editing process and works closely with authors to ensure that their manuscript is the best it can be, and that the creator of the work is happy with results.
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