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Excerpt from “Red Moon” (Line of Blood Saga)

Red Moon is a sort of alternate beginning of the Line of Blood Saga.
Red Moon is a sort of alternate beginning of the Line of Blood Saga.

General Richardson stepped out of the car just outside the building. The first thing he noticed was the clear blue sky. Although a few dark clouds predicted that during the day the weather would change. He wasn’t concerned at all.

“Thanks Charlie, if you don’t mind I’ll need my other uniform ironed…I mean, I’m sorry I have to ask you, but you know my wife, she told me that I’d have to take care of it myself just before she kissed me goodbye this morning.”

The young lieutenant hid a smile, tiny but sincere, and promptly replied:

“Of course, sir. It is not a problem at all and by the way, if I may, sir…you are a very lucky man! I wish to find an amazing woman like Mrs. Richardson one day too.”

The general’s expression changed, and the poor subordinate immediately felt the pinch.

“Come on lieutenant…I’m kidding! I am sure you will and…yes indeed, I am!”

The car moved away, and General Robert Richardson remained there, simply staring at the six story grey building with the words “Air Force Space Command” mounted above the door in white letters almost three feet high.
He took out his wallet, opened it, and spent a few moments looking at his family portrait. He always had it with him, and he always did that before an important moment of his life.
A sigh came out when he thought of his two boys. Both already grown up men, and yet, still children for him. Then, another glance for his wife, and the picture was back where it belonged, in his wallet, in the left pocket of his jacket, just against his heart.
His hand went straight from his collar to the edge of his uniform, just to press it once more. Then another adjustment to his shirt cuffs, in order to allow a couple of inches of them to peep out of his jacket’s sleeve. At last, another look at his shoes, of course perfectly polished. Then, also part of this ritual of his, a touch on his military ribbons plate. And again, his mind wandered. This time he was back at the Air Force Academy, when his first commander pinned his first ribbon on his shirt.

It was summer, and it was in recognition of completing a survival course, and now twenty were stuck one next to the other. His hands caressed all of them one by one. Decorations, missions, all the most important moments of his long career were somehow recognized by those tiny, colorful pieces of cloth and metal. His face darkened for a moment, some of them also held the memory of the men his was in charge of. Men who respected him, admire him, and some, men who died under his command.

USAF Major Joe EvansThe corner of his eye shifted to another subject for a moment. Two teenagers, maybe the same age as his younger son, surely in love judging from the smiles were walking hand in hand. The general squeezed his eyes a little more, and he recognized the boy, he was a schoolmate of his son. Then other high schoolers came out of the building, evidently a tour of the base was in progress. The young boy bowed his head to greet the general, and the latter’s heart filled immediately of pride and strength. Those men were dead to allow this young boy to do precisely what he was doing in that moment; living a quiet, safe and free life.
The general shook his head. He’d never liked the way the new generations dressed, but this time it put a smile on his face, and he walked to the door.
Behind the door the last post he would ever command was awaiting him. Supposedly, a rewarding and quiet command. One that would allegedly award him with all he could imagine; but also the one that would change his fate, as well as the fates of everyone on the planet, forever.

Ancient Truth: The First King (Line of Blood Saga)

Excerpt from the book “Ancient Truth” (Line of Blood Saga)
Chapter 1: The First King

Egyptian Pyramids aligned with Orion Belt stars
Egyptian Pyramids aligned with Orion Belt stars

500,000 BC
Exosphere, Earth’s Atmosphere
Aboard the Royal Fleet’s Flagship

The sun’s rays had just illuminated that part of the Earth’s atmosphere, and the reflection on the ocean was making the brilliance even shinier; a new day was born on the young planet.
The flagship of the space fleet was already starting the final approaching maneuver. Compared to the other spaceships, the pride of the royal fleet was enormous. In fact, instead of just a few hundred crew members, it carried more than five thousand. The hull was rounded at the bottom and flat on top, with six armed towers, three on each side, and the majestic command bridge was right in the middle of the ship.
From behind, the four powerful jet engines were shining even more than the sun itself.
The bow’s shielding, the part that most likely would have faced the weapon of an enemy’s vessel, was made of a rare metal, endowed with unbelievable characteristics; the Atlanteum.
What was so strange about it, wasn’t just its capability to withstand almost any known weapon, but it was also that, since this metal was an even better conductor than gold, it was actually able to catch and accumulate a variety of kinds of energy. This made the royal flagship, called Atlantis by the common people because of the usage of that metal, able to store energy from the atmosphere’s entrance process, making its range of action virtually unlimited. Moreover, thanks to this shield, Atlantis was able to turn the direct fire of an energy weapon, like a laser, into a power source.

In the hundreds battles which the royal flagship emerged victorious, Atlantis’ principal weapon fired back at any who dared attack with abnormal intensity. The weapon was an energy beam formed by four separate lasers mixing their energy together. The result was something that no shield, nor any kind of barrier, had ever resisted. Throughout the ages this weapon took many names, the “lightning of the king,” or the “thunder of the king,” or just the “wrath of the king,” either way it was the ultimate weapon, able to destroy enemy ships, but also level mountains or wipe out entire cities.
It was never used in a common battle, the king ordered its employment only when the goal wasn’t just to win; its real purpose was to annihilate everything, and everyone, standing in its path.
Among all the Anunnaki, the only one that had the memory of their race’s creation was the king. Anu, the first and only king of the Anunnaki, wasn’t just a tyrant, he was the creator of this species, and for that, he was considered, and he always acted, more like a god.
On the large command bridge, all the new conquerors were gathered for the long awaited moment. Crew members, captains of the legions, warriors, and even the servants were all there, wearing their most beautiful uniforms with all their armor, helmets and shields perfectly polished for the occasion.
All of a sudden, the solid gold armor of the king’s personal guard started to shine incredibly brightly, due to the sunrays that were coming from the immense window of the command bridge.
The ship’s captain walked through the bridge and stopped a few feet in front of the tyrant, he knelt and, slapping his right arm to his breastplate, causing a dull but loud thud, said:
“Lord Anu we are preparing for landing, your highness!”
The king was standing on his podium, with his arms folded and his eyes fixed on the view of the planet. He put his hands on his hips, squinted, his face became darker and more tense, and answered with a grunt:
“Good! It’s about time to take back what is mine!”
A powerful, wild scream pervaded the command bridge. All the warriors were slapping their swords to their breastplates, screaming and extolling their lord and master, in a collective, savage and brutal frenzy.
That day, the planet would know its first dominant race.
That day, Planet Earth would meet its first king.


Among all the other sources, Ancient Aliens theories have been an invaluable source of inspiration for Jack Goodwind’s fictional story. Have a look at this video from History Channel: