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There is always a reason, Maresciallo Maggio! by Francesco Zampa

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There is always a reason, Maresciallo Maggio! by Francesco Zampa
There is always a reason, Maresciallo Maggio! by Francesco Zampa

Maresciallo Maggio, commander of the Carabinieri Station in the little town of Viserba on the Rimini Coast, operates without prejudice and guided by his conscience in every situation.
The character makes his first appearance In these three stories, dealing in the first with the theft of a cell phone from a beguiling woman, in the second with a case of racism that turns out to involve corruption as well. In the third, the lost lives of two young men cross with that of another beautiful, faithless woman.
Nothing is ever as it seems, and we must beware of making hasty judgments based on conventional evidence.
The character is a new entry in the panorama of Italian detective fiction, based till now almost entirely on the performance of police chiefs, policecommissioners and magistrates of various kinds, relegating the maresciallo – whose rank corresponds roughly to that of a police sergeant – to the role of a minor player, when not a caricature. For the first time, with the appearance of Maggio, a maresciallo assumes the stature of protagonist in his own right.
The character also appeared in Giallo Mondadori, the best Italian whodunit and police procedural magazine, which published the third story, AddresseeUnknown, a tale of sex and drugs, and made his novelistic debut in 2012 in the thriller Double Murder for Maresciallo Maggio, of which this collection is the prequel.


Surreal Peter by William O’Brien

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Surreal Peter by William O'Brien
Surreal Peter by William O’Brien

As always, the poetry books give hints to the forthcoming novels in the Peter stories. Look out for more escapades throughout the year from Peter, Slip and their bizarre friends.

For this moment, enjoy the confusing, sometimes illogical places in the realm of Peter. Go plunging with Seebright the lift attendant, enter portals to Snakedom and Boaland through Boyle the barber’s opening head. Get ready to be hunted by the witch Heriot White, live in a magic box and soar with dragons. Take the 4.02 key and slide it into your mind for a trippy disturbed adventure.

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